Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Localeze is the leading provider of local merchant data for the search and online Yellow Pages industries

What Company Is Offering:
The Localeze data repository brings together local merchant information from several places, including Yellow Pages directories, authorized brand-dealer lists, Web sites and many other sources. What makes this data special is we also collect detailed business information provided by the merchants themselves — the most accurate business data you can find. Using our Web tools, merchants can create and update comprehensive business listings quickly and easily. That way, not only do search engines get the freshest, richest content, but merchants also get the chance to present an accurate, detailed snapshot of their businesses.

How It Works:

Localeze offers the tools you need. They let merchants of all sizes create powerful, rich business listings that don't get buried in search results. While other directories allow you to list only the basic details about your business, our Merchant Profile Manager allows you to add much richer content to your listings - including business category, specific products, brands, services, hours of operation, payment options and much more — making your stores much more "findable" for consumers. That's why more than 250,000 local merchants and a growing list of top retail brands have chosen Localeze to boost their visibility in local searches.

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