Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Delaycast----Find Flight Delay Predictions

What Company Is Offering:
Delaycast was established to provide information about possible difficulties in flight itineraries and to give travelers realistic expectations about their travel plans. Its goal is to help flyers avoid delays, missed connections, and unintended stayovers.

How It Works:

When travelers consider future air travel, provides them with reasonable estimates of the delays they may experience based on factors such as airline, origin, destination, and date and time of day. These estimates are based on predictive modeling technologies that model historical patterns in flight delays and project them into the future.

Unique Features:

1. Delay Profiles provide broad overviews of the best days, times, and airlines to fly, based on selected airports.

2. Delay Predictions provide information about delays and cancellations for specific airports, airlines, dates and times.

All predictions and profiles are produced by the models, and as such, are never 100% accurate. Nevertheless, the insight provided beyond the airlines schedules will help most traveler avoid troubles.

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