Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Evolvist is the online resource for smarter, more sustainable living

What Company Is Offering:
Evolvist is the online resource for smarter, more sustainable living. So many of us want to do the right thing, but simply don’t know where to begin. Evolvist makes it simple to find the best businesses and worthy organizations committed to shaping a more environmentally and socially responsible society. Evolvist operates as an interactive and dynamic directory, helping you find and share businesses and organizations—from delis to dry cleaners, from financial advisors to farmers markets, from spas to solar-installers—who commit to sustainability and social responsibility.

How It Works:

Find local resources. Search existing listings using keywords, names, and terms, or browse local listings by categories. You'll get relevant results of all the businesses and organizations fitting your search or browse parameters.
Get specific. Drill down into your results by location, or filter further by a set of relevant “eco-labels,” each representative of a biz' s specific sustainable offerings.
Geo-locate. Maps will show you right where everything is, so that you can find what's most convenient.
Learn more. Click on a listing to learn all about the biz in question, and find out exactly what they do, what products or services they offer, and read what others have to say about them.
Share. Send listings to friends and family who you think would want to know about them.
Rinse, repeat. Browse or search anew from any results or listing page from the convenient navigation banner up top.

More at:http://www.evolvist.com/

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