Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Market Lodge represents a significant opportunity for vendors of all types of products

What Company Is Offering:
Market Lodge represents a significant opportunity for vendors of all types of products to rapidly connect with and sell to the 1.2 BILLION members of social networks. Market Lodge technology enables members of social networks to rapidly create personalized market places in their own online space. Members then leverage their own personal social network of friends, family and colleagues to present and sell your products.

How It Works;

Market Lodge has helped vendors across the United States and in Canada sell thousands of products to customers across the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii).They creates the perfect sales channel for your products! It is highly targeted. Your products are seen by people who share interest, enthusiasm and even product knowledge. Using open APIs (application programming interface) made available by Google for many social networks including MySpace and Linked in and other open networks like Facebook, we bring your products directly to the millions of social network members. And, they leverage their connections to enable your products to be seen by the perfect target market – people who are interested in what you offer!

The system offers you the ability to have complete control over your inventory. Even if you have a very limited item with say as few as five on-hand products you can enter that number and the system will automatically delete the product from the network when those are sold. If you have unlimited inventory that’s fine also. This works for small vendors with a few specialized products and for large vendors with thousands of on-hand products.

More at;http://www.themarketlodge.com/

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