Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sermo enables you to exchange medical knowledge with your colleagues instantaneously

What Company is Offering:

Sermo enables you to exchange medical knowledge with your colleagues instantaneously, and even send postings to colleagues who are not members of the community.

Once you are part of the Sermo community, you are free to discuss any topic relevant to the medical community, ask questions, monitor physicians observations, comment on postings, use keywords to search for information, search for postings within your specialty, submit an image to the community, bookmark and track your favorite postings, tell others how relevant you think a posting really is.

How It Works:

Sermo's clients will use data collected from the Sermo system to help forecast potential problems or new uses for commercially significant medical products and therapies, gain early insight into outbreaks and other changes in disease states and conditions that can affect the public health, perform epidemiologic research investigations, survey the opinion of practicing physicians on topics related to medical care, assess the success and adoption of best practice recommendations, look for opportunities to improve medical practice, and protect and promote patient safety and the public health.

Sermo doesn't presume the relative value of any piece of information. They leave it up to their clients to perceive that value and assign a dollar value on any piece of information that reflects their interest in a particular topic. Clients use it to further their goals and get information, the same way physicians use it to get their questions answered. By maintaining system availability to all different parties it creates a more diverse community. So all kinds of different ideas are afforded potential value as opposed to being given a pre-assigned market value. It is truly grassroots.

More at:http://www.sermo.com/

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