Monday, May 19, 2008

Breaking One Source For All Breaking News

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The nature of breaking news and breaking news alerts is such that the home page of the news source that you have linked through to may be at one of a number of different stages in their coverage of the story. If the story has just broken then the news source in question may only have the headline/alert up - with the promise of more detail coming soon. It may also have some of the details from the alert or potentially even have new details. Also what may have appeared to have been a potential major story may have been false and therefore quickly off the sources home page. Lastly if you click through after a certain period of time and depending on the story the news may simply be old and off the home page. Most of these sources have great search features on their sites and you should have no trouble finding the story , even at a later date.

All stories that these sources qualify worthy of "breaking news" alerts are showcased on our home page with the most recent story listed at the top. In some cases all the sources cover the same story - and in some cases only one source deems a story worth the "breaking news" designation. Visitors to our site then have the opportunity to vote and /or comment as to whether or not they feel the story warranted "breaking news" alert status.

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