Monday, May 19, 2008

Linkua is for learning any language of world online

What Company Is Offering:
Linkua is a meeting point for people interested in teaching and learning languages. As a student you find language teachers from all around the world and learn from them from the comfort of your home. As a teacher you'll be able to connect with students and can teach them from home, with total flexibility.

How It Works:

Linkua is the most flexible way of learning languages. Just browse the classes and choose the most convenient for you. Agree a day and time for your lesson with the teacher and do it through a videoconference over VoIP (like Skype). Whenever you want, wherever you are. Language lessons at the best rates.
If you don't find the class you need, no problem! you can post your wanted class and teachers will contact you directly.

Getting started teaching on Linkua is easy. Register and create your profile (the better and more complete your profile the more likely you'll be to get new students). Posts classes! You can post as many classes you want. The more classes you post, the more possibilities you have to be contacted by sutdents. Each class can have a different topic, length and price. Students will book your classes and you will receive messages from students interested in learning a language from you.

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