Monday, May 19, 2008

Yulop Is Location Based Mobile Search Service

What Company Is Offering:
Yulop focuses in building City Centric Web portals which acts as a enabler for all city related activities and builds a platform for every individual/business need to adopt and enrich the local culture and Local flavor with the use of Regional Language.

Keeping in mind the relative needs for every user aspect, they at Yulop try to build the bridge which could sustain long and brings back to there roots.

They focus on the verticals of each Market within the city and try to build unique Web identity which could encompass the need of Web to both individual and Business.They are strong with their understanding the Local market and try to solve every aspect of the Market needs.

Who Is Backing Them:

1.M. A. Kodandarama: Founding Member & Chief Mentor
A post-graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras , MAK has vast experience (over 20 years) in IT, Semiconductor and Telecom industries in world class organizations such as Wipro, Texas Instruments and Nokia.A pragmatic person with expertise in Product Design, Customer Support, Quality & Environmental Management Systems and Six Sigma, he is a perfect team man to take up any kind of business challenges. Currently MAK is the Head of Quality at Nokia India operations at Chennai, and is an integral part of developing a worldclass high volume electronic manufacturing facility, a first of its kind in India.As a social service volunteer, MAK has been leading and actively involved in social and community development activities within the organizations he has worked in.

2.Sridhar G: Founding Member & CEO

A web evangelist,an avid admirer of technology,one who brings innovation to a new specturm along with his expertise in building web products,add to this a strong communication skills. Sri [as he is popularly called]a right person to lead.A post graduate in Internet Technology and e-commerce from University of Greenwich [London],Sri brings in work experience from companies such as EDS, Yellowtag which he was earlier a part of.

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