Monday, May 19, 2008

MyTrybe connects you to people who share your taste and the things they love

What Company Is Offering:
MyTrybe connects you to people who share your taste and the things they love. It's called taste networking and is the basis for how MyTrybe works.

Your personal "taste network" - your Trybe - includes the most similar people to you in the MyTrybe community.

MyTrybe continually searches for and connects you to people that rate listings like you, then keeps you tapped in to the things your Trybe – as a whole – likes best.

Build your Trybe, discover people like you, and tap into the wisdom of your crowd.

How It Works:

When you first join the site, they’ll ask you a few questions so they can start learning your taste, and building your Trybe: Do you prefer Carrot Top of David Cross? Malbec or Syrah? Is your fashion sense more preppy or bohemian? Once they have an idea of what you like, they start building your Trybe.

As you go on to view and rate sites on MyTrybe, they continue to refine your Trybe, honing in on the people whose tastes most closely match yours. That means, the more you rate, the better your connections, and recommendations will be.

It’s possible, especially while they’re getting started, that they won’t find a large number people who share your taste. Keep checking the My Trybe area for new Trybe members – your Trybe is always growing and changing. And to push things along, you can always invite your friends to join!

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