Monday, May 26, 2008

Grant Gopher is offered to anyone interested in finding grant funding

What Company Is Offering:
Grant Gopher is the service that sends you new grant announcements every week only in the areas you request! Your personal Deadline Calendar is updated daily utilizing sources for federal grants, state grants, community foundations, private foundations and corporate giving programs.

This service is offered to anyone interested in finding grant funding. While there are fewer grants available for individuals or small businesses, does incorporate them in the database. Grant awards range from $300 into the millions, and are included from every source available, including community, family, and corporate foundations, as well as departments of local, county, state and federal government agencies.

How It Works:

Once you have identified a grant that is a good match, click on the live link they provide to you - this will take you directly to the grantor's funding guidelines and application. Read the guidelines carefully (several times)! Once you decide to proceed with the application, be sure to follow all the directions set forth by the grantor.

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