Monday, May 26, 2008

Vantagetrade is a Stock Analysis Portal

What Company Is Offering:
Vantagetrade is a Stock Analysis Portal. They provide you with Daily Stock Picks and timely Buy and Sell Signals for any Stock on BSE, NSE, FTSE, NASDAQ and NYSE Exchanges.

Vantagetrade brings forth easy to understand Buy and Sell signals directly on the charts, for its users. The Signals work on scientifically proven and proprietary algorithms that follows the trend and alerts you when there is an upward or downward movement in the stock.

How It Works:

Log in to your account. Click on Portfolio link on the top right of the page.Click on Add to Portfolio to add stocks. Search for the stock of your choice.Click on the get Buy and Sell Signals button to view the chart.Click on the get chart button to view the chart. You get 'Buy and Sell Chart' AND 'Analysis and Suggestion'.
Choose any Stock from the Stock Picks section. You get 'Buy and Sell Signal Chart' AND 'Analysis and Suggestion'.
You could either Invest or Exit as the trend changes. You get early exit signals for upcoming Bear Phases. On the fly analysis for any stock. Receive instant alerts via email.

The strength of a signal is computed by the system with real time or current market data and displayed in the suggestion window. The strength of a daily signal is indicative of how dependable the signal is or how susceptible it is to change. The value attributed to the signal strength is applicable to that bar only.

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