Monday, May 26, 2008

Search using keyboard shortcuts with Katapulco!

What Company Is Offering:
Katapulco lets you search more efficiently (therefore enhancing your productivity) by using a series of keyboard shortcuts to query the most popular search engines and Internet databases.

At Katapulco, they believe that using the keyboard whenever possible is much faster and productive than using the mouse, especially when it comes to searching the Internet. Imagine searching Google Maps, the Internet Movie Database or Wikipedia from one page without ever clicking on anything and just by adding "gm" (Google Maps), "i" (IMDB) or "w" (Wikipedia) at the end of your queries!

How Is It Different:

The Firefox search box defaults to Google but also offers six other options, including, Yahoo and eBay. However, the disadvantage is that you have to use the mouse to select them. In addition to that, once you use another search engine (for example, your latest selection remains the default search engine, so you will have to select Google or Yahoo again to return to a general search. That's a lot of clicking!

Unlike the others, Katapulco always returns to a general search. And in case you wish to use another search engine, it’s really easy and hassle free! All you need to do is type the desired search engine's keyboard shortcut, without leaving the keyboard! They believe that it is a perfect solution for people who prefer to enhance their personal productivity while keeping their hands on the keyboard.

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