Wednesday, May 21, 2008

IQ League For Which webiste is the smartest?

What Company Is Offering:
Ask your visitors to take an IQ test at Test takes about 60 seconds and 100% free. You can place a banner, a text link or just redirect your users.For each visitor they remember were he came from and automatically enroll that visitor into "" group. Once they have 5 visitors from your website who passed the test they calculate IQ of your website and give you awards.

How It Works:

After that your website starts IQ competition with other sites.The URL of your website will be free to embed award HTML into your website to show the world how smart you are.
You need to bring at least 5 visitors who complete IQ test every 30 days to stay active. Our average conversion rate is about 30% so 15-20 redirects or clicks from your site should be enough.

To identify your site they use "referrer" value that is passed by the browser. So make sure you are not using IFrame's - they would not count.

They use full domain part of the referrer URL but drop all the folder structure. So "" and "" will be counted as two different sites, but "" and "" will be counted as the same site.

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