Wednesday, May 21, 2008

PearBudget is a really simple online budgeting service

What Company is Offering:

PearBudget is a really simple online budgeting service. It’s ideal for anyone new to budgeting, or for anyone who gave up on budgeting as “too hard to stay with” or “too complex to understand.”PearBudget uses an enhanced version of the envelope method of budgeting, where you allocate money to categories, and then make spending decisions based off of the money available to you.

They don’t tell you what to buy (or what not to buy), they don’t ask you for your bank passwords, and we don’t try to overwhelm you with information. They just help you make a spending plan, track your expenses, and help you plan for the future. It takes just 10 minutes a week, and costs only $3 a month.

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