Wednesday, May 21, 2008 ---Get Sale Alerts When Prices Are Down

What Company Is Offering: is shopping bookmark powered with price watch engine. It is one central place to save all your favorite products you find anywhere on the Internet, and our powerful price watch engine can alert you whenever your favorite products change prices. is for people who do any kinds of on-line shopping. It is like browser's "Favorites" for shopping.

How It Works:

They are the first ever web site that combines shopping bookmark with price watch that works with any product URLs. If you are a shopper, not only helps you organize all your shopping information, but also brings you significant savings with our powerful price watch feature. If you are a merchant, can retain customers and promote your merchandise in a highly targeted way like never before! You can access your Shopping Notes from home, office, or just anywhere you can access the Internet.Your Shopping Notes automatically come with images and prices, and in one click, it takes you right to the product pages.
No need to install anything to start using the price watch feature. Just enter the product page URLs and your email address, and we will start watching their prices for you. You’ll be the first to know when your favorite products go on sale.

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