Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sezmi has developed the first complete TV 2.0 offering

What Company Is Offering:
Sezmi is to offer consumers a new choice in television entertainment that integrates the next generation of television features and content with the traditional television programming that people expect and want to watch. By re-thinking the home entertainment experience from the ground up, Sezmi has developed the first complete TV 2.0 offering that is designed to address the fundamental shifts in consumer television viewing behavior.

How It Works:

Sezmi’s next-generation television offering provides content providers, advertisers, broadcasters, and broadband providers, new opportunities to add value to existing services and transition through the current disruptions facing the industry.

To deliver the full range of content that consumers expect at an affordable price they created a network that cost effectively enables targeted, flexible delivery of content while overcoming the limitations of broadband. Their content distribution solution (known as FlexCast™) seamlessly combines the efficiency and scale of broadcast delivery with the interactivity and access of broadband.

The system utilizes available capacity in existing digital television broadcast networks and creates a private, secure content distribution platform. The private broadcast transmission is combined with existing broadband infrastructure to cost effectively route and deliver video content.

Sezmi has also developed a cutting edge, smart antenna indoor reception system that makes both its private broadcast and existing terrestrial TV broadcasts accessible in an unprecedented manner. This network-attached reception system can be placed in any location in the home and requires no user adjustments.

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