Thursday, May 1, 2008 Networking site which have a unique way of rewarding its members

What Company Is Offering:
Founded by entrepreneurs with significant experience in Internet and Mobile industry, is built around a core networking platform that allows members to invite and connect with their friends, alumni, colleagues and professional acquaintances. has started incentivizing its members for referring people to jobs and professional opportunities.Job seekers will also have incentives in the form of sign on bonuses that are available to successful candidates after they engage with and join the recruiting organization.

How It Works:

Members can refer other members or non members to jobs listed on the website to earn rewards.

While browsing through the job section members can send a job referral by entering the email address of their friends or contacts. If the referred person accepts the referral and applies for the position, the process of interaction with the recruiter begins. The referral reward is paid out once a candidate is successful and joins the recruiting organization. is putting member’s privacy ahead of everything else, the recruitment process kicks in only if the referred candidate accepts the referral.

Membership is free and rewards are paid out in case of a successful placement. The total referral rewards currently on the website aggregate in excess of US $150,000 in less than 2 months since launch.


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