Thursday, May 1, 2008

WebAsyst is a suite of online services

What Company Is Offering:

WebAsyst is a suite of online services for group or personal use. All services are tightly integrated and can be accessed from one account that requires single login.

How It Works:

WebAsyst enables you to implement customer, project and file management in your web browser without downloading additional software.

WebAsyst consists of several web services which you can use in suite or separately.
WebAsyst supports multiple databases. You can create unlimited number of databases on the same server. A user must type his or her account name in a browser address line and then specify Username and Password to login to WebAsyst account. Every database has its own profile which specifies WebAsyst services installed in that particular database, available data storage space, maximum number of users, and many other parameters.

WebAsyst requires user authorization. Depending on assigned access rights, which are defined by administrator, any user can work with some or all services (e.g. WebAsyst Files, WebAsyst Contacts etc.) and have access to designated folders and functions.

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