Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Million Dollars in Rewards for Job Referrals at FaceContact.com

What Company Is Offering:
FaceContact is a complete one-stop solution for referral-based recruitment. FaceContact.com completely automates the recruitment process, letting users track everything from user-friendly dashboards It consolidates all referral tracking, lead and prospect information, and account information in one place. FaceContact keeps track of even the most complex referral chains, paying out referral bonuses to those individuals who help a company make a successful hire.

Recent Updates:

FaceContact.com, the innovative site that rewards individuals for successful job referrals, announced it has more than one million dollars in available rewards and referral bonuses.

Companies that are recruiting for open positions or contractor opportunities can choose among many websites when posting their job descriptions. However, only FaceContact.com allows them to establish a referral bonus that will be shared by the individuals in the referral chain that ultimately leads to a successful placement.

Companies can set their own reward levels, which range from $100 to $20000. Recently the total pool of available referral bonuses reached one million dollars.

“We’re thrilled with this new milestone,” said Chris Brown, VP of FaceContact.com. “Our site is the only one that helps companies find the job candidates they’re looking for by harnessing the power of referral bonuses.”

FaceContact.com is pioneering the phenomena of crowdsourcing and contingent recruitment. This is a 360° approach that is designed to help companies use existing networks to obtain valuable referrals when recruiting. The expansion of social networks like Linkedin and Facebook makes it easy to manage large numbers of contacts. FaceContact.com adds the lure of a referral bonus to these and other powerful networking tools, helping companies find their ideal job candidates more quickly.

FaceContact.com has received wide recognition on a global level for its innovative approach to recruitment and referral tracking. In March of 2008, it was recognized as one of the Top20 European start-ups by YEurope, Metalab Innovation Center, Big Bang Ventures, RISC Partners, i5invest, TechCrunch, GIMV ICT, Atlas Venture, and Alven Capital Partners. It was also chosen as a finalist in the 2007 Seedcamp competition by Index Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Atomico, DFJ Esprit, 3i, The Accelerator Group, Atlas Ventures, Partech International, Accel Partners, Highland Capital Partners, Wellington Partners, and Advent Ventures.

More at:www.FaceContact.com

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