Tuesday, June 24, 2008

yourmediaplan.com ----Simplifying the media planning process

What Company Is Offering:
yourmediaplan.com is a FREE online resource designed to centralise links to all available media products and resources in a collected and organised format. It is designed to give marketing departments quick access to the information they need to plan a successful campaign. The data is presented in a visually clear and simple, searchable format, which media companies can access and update in real-time. If complicated and costly media directories are not for you then you'll like what they have to offer.

How It Works

If you know the name of the magazine use the search form on the homepage. You can also search by publisher, by industry or by magazine type by clicking on 'Magazines' at the top of the page.yourmediaplan.com is updated in real time by the companies listed. This ensures that the information displayed is accurate.They are only interested in displaying the key information you need, cutting out the superfluous information you don't. yourmediaplan.com is the first step towards their goal of simplifying the media planning process. There are media directories that have too many options and too many features. yourmediaplan.com focuses on the essentials.

Media Agencies and any business, large or small, looking to promote a product or service. They believe strongly in the benefits of advertising and know that giving companies easier access to media information can help them grow their business.

More at:http://www.yourmediaplan.com/

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