Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Learnit--Helping your students review what they have looked at in the classroom

What Company is offering:
Learnit lists are a great way of helping your students review what they have looked at in the classroom.

How It Works:

Every day you will have 10 words to learn from a list of the 1000 most common English words. When you refresh the page, the words on your list will appear one by one. You will then be able to show or hide the meaning and swap between the two languages as you wish.

The learnit widget will make the same words appear in a different order each time. You can flip them between the language you speak and the language you’re learning. You can see them side by side, or hide them. Every time you do a search on the Internet, you can glance at them. You can put the widget on your social network site and see the same list every time you visit, and you can keep the list open as a browser window on your desktop while you work. It will even be useful for you to write down your words in your daily diary.

By seeing this same list many times in one day, learning will take place in the same way as used throughout the advertising industry. Then, next time you are actively studying (in class, with a text book or an online course) you’ll find that more and more words are familiar to you. Advertisers call this brand exposure leading to brand recall, but you’ll be learning useful vocabulary instead.

More at:http://www.learnitlists.com/

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