Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SportingConnections---Connecting Sports

What Company Is Offering:
SportingConnections is a great way for you to easily find others interested in participating in your sport or joining your team . The site is free for all and allows members to connect easily with others, all in one great location?. SportingConnections has incorporated all major sports and is happy to add other sports you would like to see; after all, its about helping you find the people and sport that interest you.

How It Works:

SportingConnections helps you find others to train or play with, coaches, or people just to socialise and watch sport with. SportingConnections can also help you find teams/groups who are looking for members to join them for social or competitive games in any sport. Once logged in you are able to add sports partners to your friends area, create and manage your own communities or join others. You are also able to add your favourite sports photos to your photo albums.

SportingConnections allows you to add your own team/group to the site and add members to your team/group. You have the capability to manage your team/group by using the message board to send emails to all members once they have been added to your team/group "Team mates" area. You can add photos to the team\groups photo albums and keep all your team information in one place. This enables others to search for your team, find out what your team is about, contact the team manager (the person who created the team) and potentially join your team.

More at:http://www.sportingconnections.com/

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