Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SeeSpotSlide provides a unique advertising solution

What Company Is Offering:
They've created a tool that gives the audience the tools to control the advertising in their content. Traditional ad placement on the internet is powerful and well established. They simply provide another option for adverising distribution. One with a feedback mechanism directly tied to an advertiser's target audience.

How It Works:
In SeeSpotSlide, the user creates the context - photos from vacation, videos of the kid's soccer game - and the advertiser can be invited to the party... or not. The consumer makes the call.

You may ask yourself, why would I put advertising in a slideshow of my personal photos? The answers are up to you: You love the brand. You love the spot. The product saved my life. The product helped me in my job. The spot was funny. It was sad. The important point being that the choice was yours.

Find the photos you'd like to include using by logging into the sites listed in 'MyStuff'. When the thumbnails are finished loading, drag them to the slideshow timeline (the little grey boxes on the right) and they will be added to the show.

Why would an advertiser want to be a part of this?

Because, their most targeted and faithful audience members can become mavens for their products and services. The consumers are 'pulling' their brands into their personal space with SeeSpotSlide. They are providing advertisers a means to connect with their audience in ways that have not been done before on a large scale. From broad reaching brands like the giants they all know (Coke, BMW, Apple, Starbucks) to the small, community level advertisers on a local scale, either physical (your local bike shop, the bakery down the street) or internet based (blog sites, message boards), SeeSpotSlide provides a unique advertising solution for them all.

SeeSpotSlide is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our sister organization.

More at:http://www.seespotslide.com/

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