Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trackur is an online reputation monitoring tool

What Company Is Offering:
Trackur is an online reputation monitoring tool. With Trackur you can setup searches and automatically monitor the web for keywords that are important to you.

How It Works:
Trackur is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to track news, blogs, and other social media. You can track your own name, your company brands, industry trends, or even your competitor's news! In fact, you can monitor any keywords you wish.When you create your Trackur account, you'll be given the option to purchase a service plan or simply proceed to a two week free trial.

Trackur gives you the ability to define the type of content you want it to monitor. For example, if you're not interested in monitoring video and image content, you can "text only" under "advanced search."

Trackur is only able to filter the content it's fed. It's still possible that the actual web page will include--or not include--your filter keywords. For this reason, they suggest starting with just your main keyword, then adding filter keywords if needed.

More at:http://www.trackur.com/

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