Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yieldy--A Simple Ad Network Allowing Any Site to Earn Revenue Immediately

What Company Is Offering:
Yieldy is a fast solution to small and medium publishers looking to optimize their advertising revenue through supporting and controlling multiple networks and direct advertisers.
It is from the same team that brought you Texty - sharing the same infrastructure - providing very simple core functionality to thousands of publishers every day.

How It Works:

A Simple Ad Network Allowing Any Site to Earn Revenue Immediately.Yieldy provides family-friendly ad invocation code to any publisher, with easy monthly payouts based on activity paid out via Paypal.
The payouts are based on both CPM, CPC and CPA - they track all the activity on each impression then balance the activity and setup auto payouts based on that volume!

On guaranteeing payouts - they have publishers being paid now - they will pay you at the end of the month for the full amount due each month - no long term collections, etc - and they do it all via paypal.
Yieldy is releasing a backfill network that you can opt-into for Yieldy to sell your unsold inventory!

More at:http://yieldy.com/

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