Friday, February 22, 2008

Amvona Trails --The first dedicated, easy-to-use, contextual search platform of its kind

What Company Is Offering:
Amvona is the world’s most popular online community for photo equipment allowing thousands of people every day to discover and share experiences of both products and media. Amvona also provides a forum for more than a hundred thousand people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe and act as a distribution platform for equipment and original content creators. Amvona is based in Mansfield, MA.

Recent Updates:, the leading online photo equipment retailer, that allows people to discover, view and share information about both products and media, today announced the debut of its new platform Amvona Trails. This centralized hub is the first dedicated, easy-to-use, contextual search platform of its kind, and is exclusively populated with media from Amvona’s growing photo sharing community. The approach showcases the vibrant relationship between striking images found at Amvona, their creators, and the tools they use.

Amvona Trails is updated in real time with media submitted by the Amvona community throughout the world. The site already includes highlights from top photographers, collections from emerging talents, and insight into the equipment industry experts rely on.

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