Tuesday, February 19, 2008

iVideosongs is an affordable and practical alternative to expensive private lessons

What Company Is Offering:
iVideosongs is an affordable and practical alternative to expensive private lessons and the poor quality song fragments, phrases, tab and tips scattered around the Internet. With artist and instructor titles, and also tutorials downloaded from iVideosongs, you can indulge in the experience any time you want, as often as you want, anywhere you want.

How It Works:

They'll show you how to play the complete song. Each iVideosongs title is broken into segments, so you learn the intro, verse, chorus, bridge and outro. Plus each includes an accurate performance, so you can check your progress against the complete track.

They can show you how to play a chill riff, bend strings, play outside the Pentatonic box and a boatload of other tips and tricks too. But it is a lot more fun to learn those techniques while you're mastering a song.

They break each song into bite size pieces. Get it down, move on to the verse and then the bridge and so forth. Once you've got each section nailed, string them together…and you've got the complete song.

Every title is spot on accurate, just as it was originally written and performed. Then it's up to you if you want to improvise and do your own thing with it.

iVideosongs' artist titles include an interview segment, where the inspiration for the song gets revealed. Or the artist talks about what was going on in their head when they wrote it. Its cool insight that often casts songs in a new light, and suggests a new meaning to lyrics you might have heard a million times.

iVideosongs is on your schedule. Because titles live on your computer, iPod or other device, you can play them any time you want, wherever you want. So you're not on a music teacher's schedule, or anybody else's.

iVideosongs titles are shot in rich high definition video. The lighting and production are fantastic. The effect is stunning, intimate and personal.

More at:http://www.ivideosongs.com/

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