Monday, March 31, 2008

Fame Experiment

What Company Says:
Fame Experiment! This isn't a reality show, there's nothing particularly special about anyone who takes part in the experiment, but they're all interested in one thing, the power of the internet to generate fame.

How It Works:
It works on the idea that one person, if seen over and over again in a multitude of places, could experience public recognition, or become “famous”. The aim is for this person’s image to be everywhere, and for that image to become embedded in internet users’ thoughts so that to see this person in public will trigger an “I know you” moment.

There are two phases to the experiment, both equally important:

Phase 1 is about getting the word out about the Fame Experiment. If you have a website, a blog, post on forums, or even email others, it is easy to participate.

By selecting the Earn Fame Points link after logging in, you will be given a choice of special code that you can place on your website, blog, forum or email signature. These links will generate an image linking to the Fame Experiment website, that when clicked on by others, will add to your Fame Points. These points contribute to the final selection of the subject. To find out how visit the FAQ page.

Phase 2 begins by selecting the winning "subject" and publicizing them to the large network of sites participating in the experiment.

From the moment the second phase begins, all images displayed on these sites will be changed to include an image of the selected subject, with a link back to the Fame Experiment where the subject's profile will be featured. During this phase, the subject will be encouraged to investigate any difference in public perception, and reflect upon this on their Fame Experiment blog.

Any clicks earnt during Phase 2 will be considerably higher than usual and contibute to a likely second experiment.

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