Monday, March 31, 2008 is an online freelancer project-service exchange portal

What Company Is Offering: is an online freelancer project-service exchange portal. We provide different popular job scope so our freelancers enjoy sourcing for valued projects. Our clients (service buyers) successfully reduce their project development cost but with quality services and on the other hand our freelancers (service providers) keep on earn from our portal.

How It Works:

Service Buyer is people who post up their project in order for freelancers to bid on it. Service Provider is freelancer who interested in bidding project, provide service to service buyer.
As you know, most complicated projects are not belongs to any single category. They may be required both "Banner Creation", "Logo Design", "PHP server side language", and even "Symfony Framework" for the whole project development. That's why their project posting system designed to allow you to clearly define the behavior of your project which can be easily identify the project scope by freelancers.

"win-project-bid" mail with service buyer contact information will deliver to service provider after the service buyer picked the provider.

Their system designed to separate PM (Private Message) function with bid system so that as a service provider can has enough information on project before placing their bid. And for Bid system, each service provider has maximum 3 bids for each project to maintain the fair-play of the bid game.

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