Monday, March 31, 2008

LeagueSafe---Fantasy League Finance Mangment

What Company Is Offering:
Simply put, they're a fantasy commissioner's best friend. They eliminate the hassle of managing league entry fees and payouts by automating the entire process. League members pay their dues using one of our convenient and 100 percent safe and secure online payment options. League funds are held safely in an FDIC-insured account at our partner bank and distributed in accordance with league rules at season's end.

How It Works:
LeagueSafe allows your league to deposit and withdraw funds several different ways, including options without fees. They encourage you to walk through the setup process, and see for yourself. After you pay your entry fee, your funds are secured all season long at one of our two FDIC-insured partner banks, U.S. Bank or The Bancorp Bank. Think of LeagueSafe as a type of escrow account for your league's fantasy funds. They're controlled by a third party and can't be released unless you and your league members vote to allow the funds to be dispersed in accordance with your league's rules at the end of the season.

Your entry fee is deposited in an account at LeagueSafe’s FDIC-insured partner bank. From your league homepage, you can track your balance and the status of all other owners' accounts in your league. At the end of the season, you have the power to ratify your winners’ payouts.
If you have a checking account, you can use e-check to deposit funds. It’s as easy as using a credit card for an online transaction — you just type in your checking account information and the funds are transmitted electronically via a 100 percent safe and secure online transaction.

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