Monday, March 31, 2008

Jobsplay is an online Social Recruitment site

What Company Is Offering:
Jobsplay is an online Social Recruitment site, it has all of the features required for a community to grow around the concept of advancing people's careers through connecting with the right people.

How It Works:
It has a Job board embedded into the heart of it allowing people to be alerted to the latest job opportunities that match their skills and location. This also makes it far easier for Recruiters to find the people they are looking for in the right locations. Searches can be done by skills, location, salary expectations and all viewed on a map with travel times to the location of the role you are researching.
The site isn't just a job board though, it is a useful site for people who are happy in their current roles but are just interested in talking to other people from around the world. If you don't want to be contacted about positions then mark yourself as not looking for work and you won't be able to be found by recruiters. All contact from recruiters comes through the site as your email address is never given out, that way once you have found your perfect job you can just switch yourself to not looking for work and all contact will stop. No more phone calls and emails about jobs you just aren't interested in.

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