Monday, March 31, 2008

NowTorrents is an advanced real-time search engine for bit-torrents

What Company Is Offering:

NowTorrents is an advanced real-time search engine for bit-torrents. They do not host any torrents on NowTorrents, we just make them findable. Their software scans the largest torrent hosting websites on the internet and comes up with the best results from these websites. NowTorrents is also able to detect and remove fake/dead torrents! In the near future we will also add categories and more advanced search features.

What Is BitTorrent :

BitTorrent (often abbreviated to 'BT') is a protocol (a set of rules and description of how to do things) allowing you to download files quickly by allowing people downloading the file to upload (distribute) parts of it at the same time. BitTorrent is often used for distribution of very large files, very popular files and files available for free, as it is a lot cheaper, faster and more efficient to distribute files using BitTorrent than a regular download.

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