Thursday, March 6, 2008


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We've created a simple, easy way for you to write your government officials - all of them! On our website, you can compose a single letter, and, with a few clicks, send it to every official that represents you. We'll send that letter free of charge to your officials' email boxes and fax machines. How do we accomplish this? In a word, technology. Technology allows us to automate these processes so they cost a minimal amount. We get charged around $0.07 per fax that is sent, but we plan on making that up with advertising (so click on some ads if you'd like to support us!). We also plan on charging the politicians a monthly fee to maintain a custom profile as well.

One of our Mission Statement goals is to promote government transparency.
Issues like global warming and green initiatives, the conflict in Iraq, the tension our country faces with Iran, China and North Korea, our immigration policies, and even the slowdown of our once strong economy all play a role in who we decide will represent us to the world at large. Websites that bring these issues to light are great, and they do bring much needed attention. We feel, though, the only way to truly change how our country works is to communicate with those that represent us. How can we do that, you might ask? Simple - FREEDOMSPEAKS.COM.

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