Thursday, March 6, 2008

Move Networks’ open, Web-based protocol solves the problem of delivering high-quality live and on-demand video

What Company Is Offering:
Move Networks’ open, Web-based protocol solves the problem of delivering high-quality live and on-demand video that easily and cost-effectively scales to millions of viewers while fully protecting your video assets.

Move Networks’ delivery protocol creates less cost for you. With most traditional streaming technologies, video content is delivered as one complete file, and sometimes the entire file must be downloaded before the viewer can begin watching it. But Move Networks’ technology divides the video content into smaller files called “streamlets” which are delivered continuously as the viewer watches content. Because streamlet delivery stays just ahead of the video display, you don’t have to pay for content delivered that might not be watched, such as when a viewer exits a video stream early.

How It Works:
Move Networks’ intelligent client enables high-quality video with precise measurement of video consumers’ experiences, geography, and demographics for targeted advertising at higher CPMs. Move Networks’ media platform acts as an operating system for video, allowing easy integration with ad systems, analytics packages, commerce solutions, and other third-party services.

How Is It Different:

Video consumers watch content longer on Move Media Player than on other media players, including the Flash and Microsoft players. For the media company, this means more ad availabilities for much higher revenue.
Media companies are able to place targeted ads at much higher CPMs than are possible with other streaming providers because of the precise measurement and reporting tools.
Operating costs are less than what media companies pay for other streaming solutions.
Full Digital Rights Management protects valuable content from piracy and lets media companies roll out their products around the world on schedules that meet their business requirements.
The smooth, full-screen video image does not buffer or restart.
Episode-length and live videos are as good as cable or satellite television.
Video is available when and where consumers want it—on a computer, a television, or a cell phone—with TiVo-style navigation controls.

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