Thursday, March 6, 2008

Within3 allows you to find health professional

What Company Is Offering:
Within3 is a health technology company, founded by social scientists, whose mission is to help organizations and health-science professionals forge stronger relationships to fight and prevent disease.

Connecting professionals to the trusted colleagues and organizations around them, Within3 works with health-science organizations to create powerful interdisciplinary, stand-alone, or multi-center communities with the goal of accelerating research and improving patient outcomes.

How It Works:
Within3 allows you to find professional contacts with common interests, gain referrals, increase your visibility within your field, recruit patients for clinical trials, stay informed of the latest medical advancements, keep in touch with former colleagues and graduate/medical school classmates, and communicate with advanced health professionals around the world.

Within3 believes that by providing health professionals a safe and secure venue for finding, evaluating, and sharing information, there is great potential for ground–breaking advances in collaborative research, discovery, and treatment.

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