Thursday, March 6, 2008, a free online platform which connects aspiring talent with fans and industry professionals got $800,000 in VCs funding

What Company is Offering:
Taltopia, is an online media distribution and social networking destination whose aim is to provide aspiring and professional talent with a worldwide stage to share their abilities across the web. The site also rewards its members with Famebucks™ for simply using the site’s features, giving users an incentive to find and recommend good artists, while giving artists a platform to promote themselves online. Categories include Music, Art, Acting, Dance, Comedy, and Modeling.™ is based in Los Angeles, California.

How It Works;

For users who are not getting the exposure they crave, the site boasts a “Wall of Fame” which grants users the opportunity to “buy” their fame with Famebucks™, the virtual currency used on the site. Users bid for the limited number of spots available on the page, with outbid users being bumped down to subordinate positions. To kick things off,™ is giving away $5 worth of Famebucks™ to the next 2,500 members that join the free site.

How Much They Got From VCs:, a free online platform which connects aspiring talent with fans and industry professionals, announced that it has completed a Series “A” round of funding in the sum of $800,000. The financing was led by an angel investor from Go4Funding (, a site whose goal is to unite entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.
“Taltopia is about empowering fans to decide who gets exposure,” said Allen Vartazarian, referring to the “fame” and “shame” voting system. By focusing on this unique niche, Taltopia™ has distinguished itself from other general social networking sites where aspiring artists typically get lost in the clutter.


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