Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Managment Planning Tool

What Company Is Offering:
Planning Center Online will revolutionize the way you plan your worship services with its elegant approach that has been welcomed by staff and volunteers alike.

How It Works:
Add each of your service elements to your plan with the ability to add notes in categories you create. Upload files to individual items or to your plan in general to allow users with the appropriate permissions to access them from anywhere.

Easily click and drag each plan element to a new position in your plan. If you have chosen to display the estimated time each item is scheduled to occur, these times will automatically update when you reorder your plan based on the length of each item.
Planning Center's clean, graphical interface makes it intuitive for you to edit your plans, and for your users to view them.

Create your own categories for unlimited flexibility in organizing your service flows and scheduling and assigning your people to your plans. Add multiple plan times and rehearsal times and print customized reports to have hard copies on hand.

Add email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses and even a picture to each person's account. Since Planning Center is online, your people can update their own information, and you can retrieve their contact information even when you are not at your own computer.

Assign your people to properties that you create. Create one property for ushers and another for greeters and then simply check the appropriate box in each person's profile. Then click on your property to see all people assigned to it. Use custom properties to simplify scheduling your people to positions in your plan. Tell Planning Center you need to schedule 5 greeters to your plan, and then click "5 people needed" in the greeters position to see a list of all your greeters with the date they last served and any potential conflicts.

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