Wednesday, March 19, 2008 is a free, web based service that will speak your text as you do

What Company Is Offering; is a free, web based service that assists people with written material. They do this by using TTS Technology, or Text To Speech Technology. Users of our service can generate a clear sounding audio file from almost any written material. They generate a voice that reads the words out loud, that you request them to read.

How It Works:

They provide users various ways to let them know what to read. You can always write text, or copy text from another file, and paste it into their text box. They also have a file upload section, where you can upload any Microsoft office document, Adobe PDF, txt, and HTML document. You can also tell them a website address, or RSS feed url, and they can read that as well.They have 15 voices, and you can select any reader you would like. There is a dropdown list with samples of each reader’s voice. You can hear a sample before you create your reading.

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