Wednesday, March 19, 2008 Your Fame

What Company Is Offering:
They're an entertainment community for up and coming talent and their fans. The goal of this talent network is to help aspiring artists get famous, build industry contacts, and find paying gigs.

How It Works:

If you upload a video, audio, or picture, you are considered a talent. If you don't, you are a's that simple.

Browse through the site and vote on media you find. Each "fame" vote will increase the score by 1, whereas a "shame" vote will decrease it by 1.

Help talent claim their fame by using our unique promotion tools. Be sure to donate Famebucks to talent you really admire.

Industry professionals and fans can use Taltopia to discover underground talent. Find new band members, models for a shoot, or that actor for your next film...all on!

The Wall of Fame is a section of their website dedicated to talent who want to gain more exposure by bidding on spots to promote their media. There are a total of 23 available spots on the Wall of Fame. The top spot is featured on our front page, giving further attention to the highest bidding talent.

The amount you pay to be on the Wall of Fame is up to you! The more you bid, the higher your ranking. Bids can be placed for any available $.25 increment. Its that simple.

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