Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What Company Is Offering:
Stafftool's innovative interface allows information to be accessed and displayed anywhere on the site.
stafftool is the easiest way for churches and non-profits to manage their people, events, and communications.

How It Works:

Keep track of everything that's going on - meetings, recurring events, birthdays - on a calendar or easy to scan list view.
Organize your people into whatever makes sense for your groupings. Easily assign group leaders, events and group communication.
Easily send messages to any groups within your organization to keep them in the know. Also, attach files to messages to give them access to newsletters, music files, spreadsheets, whatever.

Stafftool is built on top of an open and extensible REST api, which means your data is available for many other applications, such as the iPhone version, and remains easy to export at any time.

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