Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eco-Libris enables people and organizations to take a simple step in support of environmental sustainability, fighting climate change

What Company Says:
Once upon a time there was Ex-Libris (a Latin phrase meaning ‘from the books’), a label people used to paste on their books to indicate ownership. They see Eco-Libris as the new, green version of Ex-Libris. In their vision people will balance out their books by planting trees and will indicate their commitment to sustainability by putting an Eco-Libris sticker on the sleeves of these books.
As people once showed their love for books with Ex-Libris, they hope to see people show their love for books and the environment with Eco-Libris.

How It Works:

A tree (actually 1.3 trees - for example, 13 trees are planted for every 10 you pay for, as detailed below) will be planted by our planting partners for every book you balance out. You will also receive an Eco-Libris sticker to put on your book and demonstrate your commitment to the environment, with the sticker saying "One tree was planted for this book."

Based on the expected time-frames of their planting partners, trees will be planted within a year of the date of your payment. They are proud to be working with planting partners who take their job seriously and therefore, even if it takes some time to see the trees you pay for being planted, knowing that the process is handled in the most professional way possible makes it worthwhile.

You can also rest assured every tree you pay for is 100% accretive - when you pay for a tree, a new tree will be planted (actually, 1.3 trees, to make sure at least one will survive). Without your contribution, this tree will not have been planted. Our planting partners are aware of the significance of this issue to us and our annual assessments will include a verification of their compliance to make sure our promise to you is kept.

More at:http://www.ecolibris.net/

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