Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MyriadHealth, an internet software and services claims developer, announced a $1.5 million fund raise

What Company Is Offering:
MyriadHealth, focuses on internet delivery of software and services to healthcare claims administrators. The current management builds on over 25 years of experience in industry. The company has patents pending on its proprietary software. The MyriadHealth system is a web-based, real time claims management platform used by third party administrators and self-administered health plans.

How Much They Got From VCs:

MyriadHealth, an internet software and services claims developer, announced today a $1.5 million fund raise. The Innovation Ohio Fund (IOF), which was approved by the Development Financing Advisory Council on March 31 and is pending approval of the State Controlling Board, led the round with a $750,000 investment that was matched by angel investors. The funding will be used for real-time direct integration of Provider Electronic Medical Records with Practice Management Systems.

“The Innovation Ohio Fund and our angel investor have been very responsive and supportive of MyriadHealth’s mission to revolutionize healthcare through innovative technology,” said Pamela S. Priddy, President & CEO of MyriadHealth. “The increased funding will afford Myriad the opportunity to move our technology forward, not only on a local level but nationally also. BioEnterprise played a large role and has been a paramount partner; we are appreciative of the guidance and expertise provided by the organization.”

More at:http://myriadhealth.com/

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