Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TronMe ---anyone can mix and perform their favorites live on MSN, Skype, or even YouTube

What Company Is Offering:
TronMe is brand new, it's in the starting blocks and ready to explode into the home entertainment arena.Using TronMe software anyone can mix and perform their favorites live on MSN, Skype, or even YouTube; it's a whole new level of interactivity that is certain to appeal to wannabe performers of all ages. This fresh technology works with a new audio format - .IVS Each song is separated into different tracks or building blocks and the software mixes these back together based on the movements detected through the computer's web cam to provide an exclusive mix every time.

Buyers will choose songs from their website, in the .IVS format for use with their TronMe software. If your tracks are among their favorites then they will be looking to buy them. Make sure your tracks are there - don't miss the opportunity to jump on board the IVS revolution.

How It Works:

TronMe is controlled purely from the webcam or the mouse and, from the movements detected, the program creates a unique mix of the track. The player has total control of how the mix sounds. The direction of the movement determines which instrument plays. Stay in the middle and they are equal, move higher and the percussion is dominant. There is no end to the options and possibilities. Of course, no one ever moves the exact same way twice and so each time a song is played an entirely new mix is created. There are also plenty of effects to add onto the video to make the end result exceptionally professional.

TronMe is compatible with MSN, Skype and, of course, the home video recorder; the performance can be made all the more exciting by an audience or it can just be recorded in mp3 or avi to be watched back later.

More at:http://www.tronme.com/

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