Friday, April 4, 2008

What Company Is Offering:
On, you'll find cheap plane tickets, discount first class airfare, the easiest air travel planning tools, and expert travel advice. Airlines change airfares constantly, let monitor airline ticket prices so you'll be first in line to pickup the best deal on your quest for a cheap flight.

How It Works:
Once you have logged in, you can quickly manage your MyTrips/Alerts/Newsletter account. You can add a trip, change your e-mail address, edit your profile, delete your profile and more.

How Is It Different: is not just another airline quoting system - there are dozens of them on the internet and statistics show most people shop 5 to 6 different sites before purchasing, so you are well aware of them.They come to work each day working on new airfare technology to try to save you both time (the hassle of hunting for that cheapest advertised price) and money (ferreting out the bets deals from millions of airfare price changes that occur each day).

There is no perfect solution but rest assured they are the only company working day in and day out on making it easier to get the best airfare deals and providing you the information you need to make the best airline ticket purchasing decision.

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