Friday, April 4, 2008 is one of the web’s leading consumer video companies

What Company Is Offering: is one of the web’s leading consumer video companies .Heavy combines its own unique original programming with those of its users to create an environment where you can control and even participate in your own personal video experience. Heavy’s original programming staples include “Superficial Friends,” “Kung Fu Jimmy Chow,” “The Massive Mating Game,” “The Burly Sports Show,” and “Behind the Music that Sucks.” Heavy’s original programming is available on Verizon V-Cast, Verizon FiOS, Comcast VOD, TiVo, Sony PSP, Apple iPod and Joost. Advertisers on the broadband network include Coors, Nissan, Panasonic, Diesel, Axe, Sony and Nike.

Husky Network, a premium video advertising network, provides brand advertisers with hand-selected premium publishers and bloggers who use Husky’s highly engaging and effective video ad units.

How It Works:
The Heavy profile is a FREE way for you to customize your Heavy journey. By creating your own personal Heavy profile, you now have the place to upload your own videos, and save others' videos onto your page. You will be able to make video channels , meet new friends, and become a black belt in flirting. You will create a Heavy experience all your own. You will be THE NETWORK.

Feeling expressive? Impulsive? You can change the look, feel and content of your Heavy profile at any time, with great ease. Fancy backdrops, funny photos, eye-pleasing fonts: it's all there just for you. If you'd like, you can take a peek at my profile to get the idea. It is quite awesome.

You will also be able to use Heavy's embeddable video player - unrivaled in simplicity, versatility and smooooooothness - to embed your video(s) on other, lesser sites. With Heavy, the days of choppy playback and left-over HTML code are over!

In short, having a Heavy profile is the best way to not only get the most out of Heavy, but for you to broadcast your fine self to the world. Don't hold back.

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