Friday, April 4, 2008

ThoughtFarmer makes it easy to tap the collective knowledge of your organization

What Company Is Offering:
ThoughtFarmer is the ultimate intranet. It's the simple, social way for employees to collaborate, share ideas and find information.ThoughtFarmer embraces the good things wikis have brought us: an open, easy, democratic authoring environment with no barriers to content creation. ThoughtFarmer then adds structure and social networking to that wiki core.
ThoughtFarmer is a product of OpenRoad Communications, a technology consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Since 1995, OpenRoad has specialized in the development of internet applications that make business and government operations more efficient and cost effective.

How It Works:

ThoughtFarmer makes it easy to tap the collective knowledge of your organization.ThoughtFarmer turns users into editors. See a mistake? Fix it. Have an idea? Share it. ThoughtFarmer maintains logical structure and automatically builds easy navigation. Powerful search and tagging capabilities provide multiple ways to locate information. And it's completely secure: viewing and editing capabilities can be selectively applied by user or group.ThoughtFarmer's basic building block is the person. Every page, every edit, and every file is tied back to a person. Profile pages show you the person behind the content -- their photos, contact details, favorites, and lists of other content they've contributed. The social network this creates strengthens workplace community.

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