Friday, April 4, 2008

FIX8 is a leader in virtual communications technology got $2 million in Series A financing

What Company Is Offering:
FIX8 is a new media company that blends Internet and mobile platforms with rich streaming video creation, editing and sharing capabilities. FIX8 is a FUN, creative new way of communicating. Developed in response to rapid growth in video sharing, social networking and user-generated content, FIX8 is the future of rich interactive communication.

How Much They Got From VCs:

FIX8, a division of Mobinex, Inc., a leader in virtual communications technology, announced the company has secured an additional from SK Telecom, the top wireless communication provider in Korea, with revenue of KRW 11.28 trillion ($11.4 Billion US). FIX8 now closes its initial round of financing having successfully raised over $5 million. In addition, SKT has awarded FIX8 with a contract to lead the development of SKT's 3D avatar animation technology, which will enhance mobile and online communications.

"SKT's investment is a testament to FIX8's growing consumer popularity and expanding interest in video and mobile User Generated Content," said FIX8 CEO, Linh Duy Tang. "We are proud to partner with a world-renowned telecom company that shares in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions for virtual communications across Internet, TV and mobile phones."

About VCs:
SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM, KSE: 017670) is the top wireless communication provider in Korea, where it has over 22 million subscribers and more than 50% of the total market. Established in 1984, the company reached KRW 11.28 trillion in revenue in 2007. SK Telecom was the first to launch and commercialize CDMA, CDMA 2001x, CDMA EV-DO and HSDPA networks, and currently provides cellular, wireless Internet, mobile media, global roaming services and more. For more information, please visit or email

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