Monday, June 30, 2008

Defuddle is a place to answer questions

What Company Is Offering:
Defuddle is a place to answer questions. When faced with dilemmas they make it easy to make up your mind. Ask a question, provide your choices (you can let other people suggest other options if you like), and see what the world has to say. Don't waste time - you can get an answer in as little as an hour (but if you're not in a rush you can leave it much longer). They'll send you an email with the best answer (and of course, detailed results are available too) so you can be on your merry way.

How It Works:

Defuddle lets you tap popular opinion to answer the big questions. Too busy to make up your mind? Permanently confused? Out of coins to flip? Maybe you're just curious to know what others think about something that's bugged you. Defuddle it and let the people of the world give you an answer. Defuddle is simple and easy to use, and helps you conquer those questions that keep you up at night. Why should you worry about tough (or even not-so-tough) questions by yourself? There are lots of people out there - let them do it for you.

Creating an account is free and you can ask and answer as many questions as you like.

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