Monday, June 30, 2008

Elfwood is the worlds largest home to SciFi/Fantasy art and fiction

What Company Is Offering:
Elfwood is the worlds largest home to SciFi/Fantasy art and fiction. Elfwood is a huge home to Fantasy/Sci-Fi art and literature. It is tightly controlled to stay within the SciFi/Fantasy theme, as art or stories depicting other motifs are not accepted.

How It Works:
The Moderators are a group of volunteers who help Elfwood by reviewing tickets , deciding what to let into Elfwood and what to reject based on the Elfwood rules. They check everything before it's let in, including new pictures and stories, and new versions of pictures or stories. The Moderators are not the ERB: the Moderators deal with pictures and stories coming into Elfwood, and the ERB take action on already published material. The Moderators are also ordinary people, and are Elfwood members themselves.

Who Is Backing Them:
Elfwood is run as a small company in Linköping, Sweden. Thomas has been a Lysator member since '92, and has studied computer science. He has a Master of Science degree in computer science and currently works for Zenterio AB in Sweden as a usability professional. Elfwood is a hobby of his and he does it for fun. He doesn't get paid for it, in any way. He also gets help from a lot of nice people.

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