Monday, June 30, 2008

Private Equity Search

What Company Is Offering:
Private Equity Search is a new service from the team at unquote”, the leading provider of information to the private equity industry. Private Equity Search is an industry-specific vertical search engine, powered by the bespoke and sophisticated Convera search engine.

How It Works:
The web crawler searches hundreds of business-relevant internet sites that have been specially selected by our team of experienced editors from the regional unquote journals, as well as from other teams within the Alternative Assets division.

The search engine itself is designed to make it easier and quicker to access the private equity-specific information that you are looking for. If requested, the web crawler will only return results that are found on the pre-specified sites, thereby helping to eliminate irrelevant information. Your search can also be narrowed down by using a system of tabbed results pages and related terms.

The search engine is also designed to evolve and grow, and as a user you can also suggest additional sites to be crawled. If they are password protected we can always approach the site owner and arrange for our robots to crawl behind closed doors.

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